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Decayed, Destroyed, Crushed, Collapsed

Four days in a row, the word-of-the-day for the photography 365-day challenge have been rather negative. At first I was stumped as to what to do for each. But then I contemplated the differences between each and came up with images that I think work. I'm hoping future days bring uplifting words.

decayed | dəˈkād | adjective having rotted or decomposed: decayed animal and plant matter | decayed teeth

This is a closeup of a deer skull. It is the top of the head where the cranial sutures meet. Given there is nothing more left of this poor deer, I decided that it fits "decayed."

de·stroy | dəˈstroi | verb put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it: the room had been destroyed by fire.

This one stumped me for awhile, because destruction goes beyond mere damage. It often means damaged beyond recognition. This amorphous lump fits the bill. It was on the property when we moved here. Something must have melted. I think is has a somewhat human shape, at least in the abstract art sense, so I added the leaf to give it balance.

crushed | krəSHt | adjective deformed, pulverized, or forced inwards by compression: the crushed remains of a Ford Cortina | the crushed remains of a Ford Bronco.

I wasn't going to crush a car, so I settled for a plastic bottle.

collapsed | kəˈlapst | adjective (of a structure) having fallen down or given way: an abandoned building with a collapsed roof.

We had two chairs made from sticks that lasted for many years. Finally, they collapsed. Here they are, resting peacefully on the ground.

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