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I Never Thought I'd Sing Again

A month ago I never would have thought that I'd sing in a choir again. But when Brittany Palmer, Maestra on Tauck's Magical Music Cruise on the Danube, asked passengers to volunteer for an on-board choir, I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

There were about 16 or so people who volunteered to commit time for four rehearsals. We had enough singers for a four-part chorus. The goal was to sing two songs, a Mozart song (in Latin) and a Dvořák tune (in Czech). We sang on the last night of the tour in the spectacular Nelahozeves Castle.

The castle has an amazing history that I'm not going to discuss here. I will say that it has been in the Lobkowicz family for 400 years (except when various nasty governments seized it). Beethoven fans might recognize the Lobkowicz name because Joseph Franz con Lobkowicz was a music lover who supported Beethoven. In turn, Beethoven dedicated several symphonies to him.

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