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Journey at Home: Check It Off!

Day 12

As of today, my step count is 142,597 for the past 12 days of social isolation. I managed to check off everything that I established on the itinerary I described on Day 1. I've developed a good getting-things-done habit, so I am ditching the checklist starting tomorrow. I still plan on striving for 10,000 steps a day, but I need to diversify my itinerary a bit. Like adding some household chores.

I managed to get a lot done, including writing 12 new posts and migrating 7 years worth of past blog posts on travel. I finished a documentary studies seminar, attended webinars in photography and wine tannin. I'm reading my second book and getting better on guitar and penny whistle. With April just days away, I look forward to warmer weather and getting outdoors more.

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