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Photographing a Stranger (Brent)

Some of the most compelling images I've seen are portraits of people on the street. In the past, I haven't been brave enough to approach a stranger and ask permission. So when I attended a street photography workshop in Seattle this past weekend, one of my goals was to learn how to photograph a stranger.

Bryan Peterson, my instructor, assured me people dressed or adorned in a manner that calls attention to themselves, are happy to be noticed and photographed. Seven people, myself included, attended this workshop. He suggested that only one, two at the most, approach the man in this image to ask if he would like to be photographed. I immediately volunteered, as did one other woman.

Within one minute, I felt as if Brent and the two of us had made a connection. We introduced ourselves and then had a great chat about Seattle and the various changes that have occurred over the past two years. Brent was obviously proud of his tattoos, rings, and piercings, and was thrilled to pose. In return, I promised to send him photos, which I did. Fortunately, he likes my work and was as appreciative of getting the images as I was to take them. At the end I was no longer photographing a stranger. I photographed Brent, as new found friend.

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