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Retrospective 2020: The No Excuses Workout

When shelter-in-place started in March, I was determined to make exercise a priority. To do that, I had to devise a workout that would be impervious to excuses for not exercising. I had to be able to exercise whether it was too cold, too hot, too dark, too sunny, rainy, snowy, and so on. So I came up with an indoor workout. I now treat my cabin as a mini-gym. If you analyze the space that most gyms allot to one person in a class, it is about 18 square feel. Being the only “student” in my workout class, I have the freedom to roam the 500 square feet of my cabin.

Rather than stay in one area doing typical aerobic routines, I do crazy aerobic dancing all through my cabin. It can consist of anything—jumping jacks, invisible rope jumping, kicks, moon dancing, jogging with weights, and any number of other variations. My motto is “just move aerobically.” By running around from one part to the other and looking out the windows, I’ve been able to spot coyote, bobcats, deer, squirrels, and many varieties of birds.

I supplement the indoor exercise with some outdoor walking on the flat, smooth parts of the property. The better the weather, the higher the proportion of outdoor exercise. But if it’s rainy, cold, windy, or too hot, I do the entire routine indoors. My goal is 10,000 steps per day but, my running average is now over 12,000 steps per day. The chart show the average from mid March through December 29. Without altering my eating habits, I've noticed a downward trend in my weight that corresponds to the consistent, seven-days-a-week exercise regimen.

This is the list of songs I use for my workouts. Most of them are arranged specifically for aerobic exercise, so they have a consistent, pounding beat.

  • Take Me to Church (Extended Workout Mix)

  • The Monster (feat. Paulette) [DJ Shocker Remix]

  • Demons (CPR Remix)

  • Don't Let Me Go

  • Baboushka (80's Italo Dance Mix)

  • The Devil (Italo Mix)

  • Big Stars (Sundi Remix)

  • Ghost (Workout Mix)

  • Cool Kids (Workout Mix)

  • Titanium (I Am Titanium) Radio Version

  • Chandelier Sia 1000 Forms of Fear

  • Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) Lady Gaga

  • Poker Face Lady Gaga

  • We Found Love (Workout Mix)

  • Say Something (Workout Mix)

  • Problem (Workout Mix)

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