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Seeing the Beauty of Music

Since March 2020, I've been to very few concerts of live music. There is nothing like sitting in an audience and knowing that the performance on stage is happening in the here and now. Whatever the performers are feeling that day is what they put into the music. Although professional performers are know for solid, repeatable performances, there is a synergistic element that can't be taught in schools. When everything comes together, it is magic, a thing of beauty. That's what I miss. Over the past two years I've listened to many wonderful recorded performances with pristine sound. It's just not the same.

One of my black-and-white photography class assignments this week is to photograph a high-contrast scene and then describe how it makes me feel. I chose the piano and I name the image The Beauty of Music. Music is an aural phenomenon whose beauty is difficult to describe in words. Because I have not been able to attend many in-person concerts, creating this image gave me a way to express the beauty of music in a visual way.

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