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Stepping it Up

Journey at Home Day 29

I surpassed my longest stepping streak awhile ago, so I thought I'd tally up the number of steps I've taken since I've been sheltering in place. My goal is to complete a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, 7 days a week. Over the past 29 days, I've done 312,667 steps, which averages to 11,537 steps per day. More that half of those steps were taken indoors doing aerobic exercise. The weather is starting to get nice, so I expect to do most of my steps outdoors in the coming weeks.

I'm motivated to get stepping because I don't want to emerge from sheltering breathless, overweight, and out of shape. For me, imagining a future like that is not a pretty sight. For those who aren't as motivated, the New York Times published and article on vintage workouts. (Sweating to the Oldies. Or Sitting?) There are one or two that are seem to be for the serious exerciser, like Step Reebok:

And then there are the workouts you can have fun following along . Like Richard Simmons and his Full Body Workout.

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