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The Days of Orange Past

I was organizing my photos the other day and came across a few that I captured on September 9, 2020. As you'll recall, pandemic restrictions were still in force. But it was also the time of the CRZ file complex. We live in the zone that was evacuated. Our property is on the border of the CRZ evacuation zone, i.e., furthest from the fire, but not immune from the effects of smoke. Even though we didn't think our house was in danger of burning, our lungs were in danger of smoke effects. We were glad to be evacuated.

We stayed in the valley, but most days we drove to the property to inspect and take a few possessions just in case our optimism was unfounded. I took these photos while visiting during that time. The color is unmodified. This was the color. We called it the apocalyptic sun. We avoided fire in 2021, so I do hope that the days of orange are past. With the current drought, it's unlikely.

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