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The Journey Ends

Journey at Home Day 77

Today is the last day of mandatory shelter at home. As people integrate themselves more and more into "normal" activities, I expect to see COVID-19 cases rise. For that reason, I will continue to stay at home except for supply and post office runs.

Today marks the last day of my Journey at Home blog posts. It's time to turn my attention back to travel and other topics. Even though I won't be traveling for another year, I plan to write about old trips and future adventures. But not daily.

The discipline of writing something everyday was helpful for me. So was my 10,000 steps a day goal, which I met (> 900.000 steps total), and will continue to pursue. I accomplished a lot—read many books finished a History of Photography course, improved my photography skills, took many webinars on various topics, cooked, cooked, and cooked some more, did some volunteer work, started a garden, learned some guitar and penny whistle tunes, and much more. It has been a productive time for me.

One thing I am particularly proud of is that just this week I finally planted a raised bed garden, an herb box, and a rock garden. After a few days, everything is still alive. Let's hope my luck holds out!

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