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The Joy of Home Cooking

Journey at Home Day 38

This might be Day 38 of the mandatory shelter-in-place, but I opted for the voluntary shelter-in-place, so it is really Day 42. That means that I have prepared 3 meals a day, everyday for 41 days. Dinner today is yet to come, and I am seriously thinking about take-out.

Chinese food sounds great to me. Over the past many weeks, I've prepared Chinese, Indian, Italian, and other cuisines. The Chinese food I make never tastes like the restaurant. Partly because I don't fry anything, I also don't make egg rolls, and I don't make hot-and-sour soup. (I did once, but it just isn't the same.) Perhaps more importantly is that my meals lack those stale fortune cookies that taste so good at the end of a Chinese meal! There is always the possibility that the fortune will say: "Shelter-in-place to be lifted soon." Tonight might be the night I opt for take out.

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