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Topaz and Tiny Flowers

Journey at Home Day 44

Topaz is a suite of tools for processing images. One of these tools, Topaz Studio, has all kinds of cool effect that can modify an image in many interesting ways. My challenge today was to pose some very tiny flowers, capture their images, then play with Topaz. This flower is about a half inch in diameter. I posed it on some grass seed heads. I used my close-up lens. I had to work indoors because the flowers are so tiny, outdoors they bob around in the slightest breeze. And, I have to get so close that I cast and uneven shadow.

This image is just the center of a flower, The mass in the center is the stamen. The star shape behind that is the area from which the petals of the flower extend.

This image is that tiny flower from the first image, next to miner's lettuce and a clump of tiny red flowers that remind me of lady's slippers, but are not. With this much modification, I consider these three images graphic artwork rather than photos. They are certainly a hybrid. They are fun to create.

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