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Trek Day 9: Shana to Paro and Thimpu

Updated: May 27, 2020

I wake up a little sad that we aren’t hiking today. My spirits are lifted when I see crepuscular rays. One of this phenomenon’s common names is Buddha Ray’s so it’s fitting that in this Buddhist land, on the last morning of the trek, that I see this spectacular sight.

The camp is so close to where the horseman lives, that the horses are restless. They had to be tied up last night so they didn’t run home. I imagine that after hauling our things for so many days, the horses are ready for a rest. Today they appear to be discussing plans for their time off.

A bus arrives to take us to Paro and on to Thimpu for cultural touring. First, we stop at Drukyel Dzong, where we began the trek. We are greeted with ceremonial white scarves, tea, beer, and momos. It was a fabulous trek.

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