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Un-Straight Photography

Journey at Home Day 49

My latest assignment for my History of Photography course is to learn about "straight photography" and then produce a photo that emulates that style. Straight is really another word for realistic. The early practitioners of this type of photography include Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, and Alfred Stieglitz. This movement was against the previous pictorial movement, which promoted soft focus images that communicated the photographers reaction to, or feeling about the scene.

I walked about the property taking some test shots for what might be a suitable straight photo. The subjects of straight photographers were quite varied—clouds, mountains, closeups of machinery and vegetation, people, and buildings. I captured images outdoors and inside—clouds, closeups, doors, greenery, and more. When I started processing them I got carried away with a photo I took of our piano. I had lots of fun experimenting with various processes; processes that the straight photographers would never use. Tomorrow I'll have to be more disciplined to work on straight photography. Today was not a straight day for me!

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