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This music is also available on my YouTube channel.

Scored for Celeste, flute, piccolo, xylophone, tubular bells, bassoon violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, Glacier Marimbium (Cinematic Pads). October, 2023. The Loop was a sci-fi serial available on Amazon with a Soundtrack by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan. That score inspired this piece.

Scored for SATB chorus, violin, viola, cello bass, piccolo, flute, clarinet, tenor sax, concert toms, xylophone, glockenspiel, bass drum crash cymbal, suspended cymbal, bodhran, wind machine, piano, harp. October, 2023. Composed while on a sea voyage and after encountering rough seas.

Scored for SATB chorus, violin, viola, cello, bass, celeste, and a variety of synthesized sounds from Tape Synth and Cinematic Pads modules. October, 2023. Inspired by the opening chase scene in Fantastic Planet.

Scored for Dulcimer, violin. marimba, Moonhopping (Cinematic Pads), Popcorn Tape Synth, one other synth sound. October, 2023. Composed on the way to Japan on a day when the sea was calm.

Scored for SATB chorus, Uilleann pipes, piccolo, dulcimer, xylophone, flute, bass, cello, harp, violin. October, 2023. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the Uilleann pipes, but pipe teachers are rare in California. As an alternative, I downloaded the free Spitfire Audio Lab plugin that features Uilleann pipes and dulcimer.

Scored for Glockenspiel, bass, Glacial Marimbium (Cinematic Pads) and Roadside Crosstalk (Cinematic Pads). October, 2023 What do you do when you lose a day crossing the International Dateline? Write a song.

An orchestral work in one movement. Created using Notion and performed using Notion's built-in London Symphony Orchestra samples. I then used Hindenburg to balance the orchestral sections. Completed in 2022 after many years of slowly working on it.

This is really a "radio story" bit that I did as part of a Hindenburg Audio class offered by the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, North Carolina. I used outtakes from a video interview I did with Pierce Freelon. Then I combined it with a composition by Pierce Feelon and band. I love this story becuase it communicates the sense of community I felt when I studied in Durham. 

These 3 short songs are based on poems by well known authors. I composed them in 1983.  I've had these performed a several times but unfortunately I forgot the name of the flutist and soprano. Still looking for the program!

Inspired by Babatunde Olatunji, a Nigerian drummer I heard many years ago. I created this assemblage of percussion loops using GarageBand in 2004. It was a challenge to show people that one could actually compose a piece solely made of loops.

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