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A Favorite Recipe

One of the 365-day project prompts is "Favorite Recipe." I have many recipes that I consider favorite, so it is really impossible to point to one as the most favorite. Chicken tagine is one that is both a favorite and photogenic. A tagine is an earthenware pot in which this Moroccan stew is cooked.

Although I have a recipe, I rarely follow it exactly. The version in the image is made of chicken, black and green olives, oranges, lemons, and carrots. I put the lid on and bake it in the oven. The traditional way to cook tagine is over an open fire. The pot is supposed to work on the stove top, but I haven't tried it yet. Traditional tagine often calls for preserved lemons, which are available in specialty stores. One time, I made my own, but I've found substituting fresh citrus also works.

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