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A Painterly Approach After a Day's Work

I spent most of the day writing drafts for upcoming workshops at my local camera club. I volunteered to be "VP of Education." A heady title, but when one doesn't get paid, having a fancy title is the next best thing!

After writing draft bios for five the presenters, I appreciate even more the depth of talent in the Los Gatos Saratoga Camera Club. At each monthly competition, the guest judges remark at how remarkable the images are. It is because of the number experienced photographer members, some who earn their living through photography, and some who are just serious and focused on making the best images possible. We are not talking snapshots here, but true fine art.

By volunteering to set up workshops, I get not only to learn more about my colleagues, but to sit in on the sessions and increase my knowledge. After sending out my last draft to the presenters, I decided to relax by processing one of the flower images I took yesterday to give it a painterly effect.

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