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Abstracts for Jet Lag

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I am sitting in the Kempinski Hotel Coravinus waiting for a bus to take me to the MS Joy, the river boat upon which I'll be staying for a few days. It's 1:00 PM here, but 4:00 AM in California. This is the day for me to finalize the switchover in time zones. It feels like 4:00 AM to me as I struggle to keep from nodding off in the lobby. To keep my mind occupied, I pulled out a few images and created abstracts. It has helped keep me from tipping over on the couch.

This abstract is based on an image of the inside of the covered market in Budapest. (The original image is in my post A First Glimpse of Budapest.) Look closely and you'll see shop stalls, signs, people, lights, and more.

I dug out a photo of the suite I had at The Spire hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand for this next abstract. It's a photo that I posted on TripAdvisor along with a review of the hotel. Room photos are never intended to be artistic. I take them to give people an idea of what they'll get when they book a room. So I was thrilled when I found I could make the image more than it was. It's not as obvious to see the room elements in this. The red is from the bed covering.

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