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Adventures in Cooking: Braised Celery

Journey at Home Day 24

Celery is not something that I buy very often. I enjoy it, but most of the time the bunch is way too large for two people to eat in a reasonable amount of time. This week's mystery box of vegetables came with a very large bunch of celery. I can tell that it is just past its peak, so it has to be eaten now.

Celery soup? Waldorf salad? Stuffed celery? These are all good options, but instead I stumbled upon a recipe for braised celery. It requires celery, thyme, butter, chicken broth, and olive oil. I'm getting low on olive oil, so I'll opt out of that. The recipe calls for combining the ingredients and them baking them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. Sounds interesting. I suspect I'll be able to use the leftovers in a soup.

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