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Consistent Characters Come to AI Art, or Not

In my post When Creativity Meets Technology: Exploring the Art of Coaxing a Character From an AI Artist, I discussed the difficulty in creating a character and once created, the impossibility of creating that character again. Without consistency, I can't create a comic strip, for example. So when I read the announcement from Leonardo.Ai that it is now able to produce consistent characters, I was super excited. They claimed creators could now "Produce consistent characters for film and graphic novels, apply different outfits and styles to the same model, and design consistent characters across different environments.

Following the instructions, I provided my previously created character, Acorn Bob.

I prompted Leonardo to make Bob eating a sandwich. Oh my! What happened to cute, young Acorn Bob? He's older, down trodden, and is morphing into a human. Check out the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. This is not the same character. Same color scheme. That's about it.

Perhaps Leonardo would do better with another activity. Skiing? This one is younger but the face is completely wrong. This character is wearing Bob's favorite colors.

I tried one more prompt—Bob drinking coffee in a cafe. Leonardo got the cafe right, although I'm not sure what's going on iin the smaller cup. I am reminded of an old sailor, but not my cute rodent-faced Acorn Bob. Leonardo, you have some more work to do before you can claim consistent characters.

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