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Is This Food? The Sequel

In Is This Food? I wrote about the artificially intelligent search engine that identified home made fire starter as food. Understandably, that same smart search did NOT identify the following images as food. Nor would I expect it to. But these images are each of an egg.

During the first year of the pandemic, I amused myself by following a photographer's YouTube channel that issue a photography challenge every day. Knowing that people were stuck at home, he came up with ingenious challenges that required items from home, seen in a new light. He instructed us to make a paper funnel into which we put an egg. Then, light the egg from below. The egg passes some of the light through, while other light escapes around the egg through the gap in the imperfectly formed paper funnel. The image looked pretty good then, but I decided to use a few post processing tricks to accentuate various features of the image and enhance the color.

For the next image, I meddled a bit more with colors and also used a digital mixer brush to make swirls. I think this on has more of a solar appearance. What do you think?

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