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Iyyikowa—Serving Those in Need

Journey at Home Day Day 55

The Navajo and Hopi are being hit hard by COVID-19. Their per capita COVID-19 death rate is third, behind New York and New Jersey. They started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for food, water, and medical supplies for vulnerable families. (Image is artwork from the Go Fund Me page.)

I was surprised to learn that during the Irish potato famine, the Choctaw Nation sent money to Ireland to help the starving Irish. The Irish never forgot. When Ireland heard of the Go Fund Me page, they began donating to the Navajo/Hopi cause. Today The Guardian featured an article on the Irish-Native American tie.

I'm of Irish ancestry, so naturally this piqued my interest. I'm sure that some of my relatives who emigrated to New York did so because of the famine. Ethel Branch, who is organizing the fundraising, recognized the Irish act of solidarity. She says their community's word for serving those in need is iyyikowa. You can donate here:

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