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Journey at Home: Into the Wild

Day 4

The last time I was off my property was Wednesday, March 11. That’s when I returned from a tour of the Spring Mountain area of Napa Valley. Although I am not out of food, I had a delivery at the Post Office that I wanted to pick up—a required book for an online class I plan to take. As long as I was making the trek down the mountain, I figured I’d venture to the local supermarket to fill in the holes in my larder. And perhaps pick up a few treats.

There weren’t too many people shopping, which is good, because many of the shelves were bare. As you might expect, the store ceased making donuts, which is sad because donuts are a known comfort food. But many staples were missing including dairy products and toilet paper. (Toilet paper shelves below.)

The water shelves were barren, but I don’t consider bottled water a staple. California has great tap water but many people insist on buying bottled water which only contributes to depleting someone else’s water table and using up resources to ship and bottle it.

Other things, like pasta, rice, soup, chicken and fresh berries were noticeably missing as well as many fresh vegetables. More notable were the vegetables that were plentiful—broccoli and cauliflower. Perhaps that’s a statement of their popularity (or lack thereof). The frozen vegetable case was a wasteland except for one lonely package of okra. I decided not to disturb its solitude.

As empty as some of the shelves were, there was no lack of food, just items that I might not normally purchase. So I adjusted my shopping list accordingly. I was excited to score a bag of Arborio rice (one of two remaining bags) as I plan to make risotto later this week. I have lots of regular rice, but Arborio results in a wonderfully creamy risotto. As long as I am sheltering in place, I might as well eat well.

There is no need for dogs and cats to worry, as their food was fully stocked. If the human food gets depleted, our pets might need to share with us!

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