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Looking Back at Recoleta

Cleaning out hard drives is really no different from cleaning out closets. Each item stored on it evokes a memory. If it doesn't then that's a sure sign the item needs to be deleted. Today I round a few hundred images that I took in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, 2008.

Glen and I took a tour of the city-like cemetery and were so enthralled that we went back on our own the next day and spent most of the day there. The cemetery is a city of the dead, complete with streets lined with mausoleums. The buildings and monuments erected to the dead are quite moving. Many buildings have masonic symbols. The cemetery is full of sad-faced statues, hovering angels, crucifixes, and more. This is the front of one of the mausoleums. The image is of a gentleman looking out from his grave. Each grave has a story, many of which we learned on the tour.

Most people who tour are there for a specific grave, that of Eva Perón. As interesting and important as her story is, I was moved my many of the more common people, such as the young bride killed in an avalanche on her honeymoon. Or the poor child buried prematurely because her condition made her appear as dead.

Some of the mausoleums have picture windows that allow visitors to look through to a coffin or a memorial. These houses of the dead are quite expensive, so generations of families are buried in them. Although many look uncared for, most have evidence of someone tidying up and placing flowers. This is what I saw when I look through the glass of one of them.

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