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Meow! Cat Cafe Mocha

Cat Cafe Mocha is a cat cafe chain in Japan. It is known for the wooden cat tree that is the centerpiece of the cafe. Amongst the "branches" there are circular platforms for cats to hang out on. Other parts of the cafe have cat platforms. In one area, the platforms are in a "pseudo" cage—a platform surrounded by a few bars that a cat can easily slip in and out of.

The cafe charges by the hour, per person. You get a time stamp card on the way in and the fee is calculated when you leave.

The first thing patrons must do is to remove their shoes and don a pair of slippers provided by the cafe. Then hand washing. Then select a beverage from the vending machine. Then slip through the cafe door without letting any cats out. Once inside, we sat at a table with our beverage and waited to see if a cat would visit us. No way. They are cats!

The rules are no picking up the cats. You can pet them. If they jump on your lap, they can stay there. We saw only one cat jump on a lap. That was a Bengal cat, a breed known to be more like a dog in their relationship to humans.

There were two water troughs for cats. Each had continuously circulating water.

We were offered an opportunity to purchase cat food (i.e., bits of meat) to feed the cats. We did! The cats became more friendly.

The cafe was very clean. They had an air cleaner running and absolutely no kitty litter smell. In fact, we didn't see a litter box anywhere. That doesn't surprise me because I've noticed in Japan that the style is to hide anything messy looking. The cats were impeccably groomed—very clean, shiny fur, well brushed. Glen did not have any allergic reactions even after being there for an hour.

Some of the cats enjoyed resting their head in a crook in the cat "tree."

They had a few felt cat "cocoons" which looked quite comfy.

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