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No Cabbage!

Journey at Home Day 32

It has been more than a month since I've stepped foot into a Safeway. So I fully expected them to have their supply chain under control. I wanted to get a red cabbage so I could try out a pickling recipe on it. When I strolled into the vegetable section, it was decimated. There was no cabbage of any kind. No cucumbers. No carrots. No green onions. No green beans. No eggplant. No berries. And on, and on. This red cabbage image is from the Target website. Perhaps I should have gone there.

They did have a lot of chard and zucchini. I got those, the last 12 Brussels sprouts in the store and a few other items. But nothing that is a good vegetable to pickle. I'll have to wait on that recipe.

I was a bit bewildered by the lack of berries, because Watsonville, just 35 miles away, grows berries and artichokes. The store had artichokes, so I assume the berries could have made the trip on the same truck.

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