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Remembering Tasiusaq Greenland

Today, I was a guest presenter at the Foothills Photography Group in Georgia where I talked about my September 2019 trip through the Norhtwest Passage. I love recalling these special trips. Two of my favorite images are of Tasiusaq, Greenland. Tasiusaq is so memorable because it was lush and mountainous in contrast to the flat Arctic. In this first image, Susie, an Inuit talks about the Thule people and the sod houses they lived in 300 to 600 years ago. She stands in front of the ruins of one of these dwelling. The Thule are ancestors of the Inuit.

This is an image of one of the areas in which I hiked. I love the reflection. If you look closely on the left side, you'll see blue dots of people, which gives a sense of scale.

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