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Retrospective 2022: Entertainment

Entertainment covers a lot of ground. In this post I will ignore any streaming binges or serials that I’ve watch this year and instead concentrate on a few of the highlights for documentary films (which I love) and opera performances. I also attended many orchestral and chamber music performances, but these aren't listed here.

I viewed five notable documentaries:

  • Scotch! The Story of Whisky, Acorn TV. This three-part series covers the history of scotch through the current industry. I found it fascinating because one day, I hope to take the Whisky Master class. Scotch making is quite an art. David Hayman did a fantastic job as host.

  • Fantastic Fungi. I love mushrooms, so I enjoyed this amazing story of fungi.

  • Breaking Out, Irish movie about musician Fergus O’Farrell. I watched this on the plane while enroute to Ireland. I knew nothing about Fergus until then, but was so mesmerized by his story that I bought one of his albums when I returned home. He was a very influential singer songwriter. He died at an early age due to muscular dystrophy.

  • A Word after a Word after a Word is Power, Margaret Atwood documentary. I watched this while sailing on the Ocean Endeavour. Margaret was a guest staff on the boat, so it was quite interesting to watch this in my room and then walk out and see her at dinner. I hadn't realized how her books have inspired protests! She is an amazing woman.

  • Aftershock: Everest and the Nepali Earthquake, a 3-part documentary. I loved the way the film maker wove together three stories to give a comprehensive view of this devastating event. The quake happened the year I wanted to take a trek to the Kangshung face of Everest. Roads were closed and that plan dissolved. But for the people living there, it was a very sad time.

I attended all except one in person. What a delight!

  • Mozart & Figaro in Vienna, Hershey Felder, January 16, streamed, from Europe.

  • Carmen, Opera San Jose, February 14.

  • West Side Story, Opera San Jose, April 29. Finally! OSJ staged a musical. What a fabulous production.

  • Coraline, West Edge Opera, August 7. They did an amazingly great job staging this fantastic story.

  • Chopin in Paris, Hershey Felder, Theatre Arts, August 21. Hershey is best to see in person. I was very happy to see he resumed travel. What a talent!

  • Marriage of Figaro, Opera San Jose, September 18. I don't like Mozart, but this production made sense because it was set in India where it was clear that the British imperialists were trouncing on the Indian citizens.

  • Cinderella, Opera San Jose, November 12. Seventeen-year-old Alma Deutscher conducted her own opera. This was her operatic conducting debut and she did a splendid job.

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