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Retrospective 2022: Exercise

I continue to strive for 10,000 steps per day. I took this image on the night of December 24, but it still represents this year’s activity. I was able to maintain an average of more than 10,000 steps per day despite a slight fallback in November due to a road trip. Driving and exercise are at odds with each other. Further, I was traveling to Seattle during a cold, rainy period. My incentive to be outdoors was minimal. That weather might explain why I now weigh 35 pounds more than I do now when I lived in Seattle! California is the exercise state!

Compared to last year, I was able to average a few more steps per day (21) and a few more miles (74). I joined the local Jewish Community Center (JCC) Fitness Center for the last three months of the year. I tried out various classes and worked with a personal trainer for six weeks. The classes were great—I left them sweating and feeling as I if I got a good all-around workout. I met lots of wonderful people in class.

The personal trainer was a bust. She didn’t challenge me even though I complained that I wasn’t getting sore from the workouts and I felt that I could do more. I came to the sad realization that some (but not all) younger people perceive me as incapable of certain tasks due to my age. If my previous trainer Matthew, was still living in California, he would have designed workouts to challenge me. I’ve given up on the personal trainer approach for now. They are far too costly to end up without feeling the sessions got results.

My busy schedule next year is likely to interfere with the JCC classes that I love. If I am unable to continue with them, I will still do my “no excuses workout” because it ensures an average of 10,000 steps a day.

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