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The Unhappy Plane

After getting an okay sleep on the plane from San Jose to Heathrow, I awoke to a flight attendant offering me coffee and a breakfast roll. I took it, even though I felt as if I had jut awoke from a decades-long sleep. I knew that eating would help shift my body clock. As soon as she took away the empty plates, I nodded off again.

I had a strange dream that I thought woke me, but it was most likely the turbulence that rattled the plane. I looked out the window and saw that we were fairly close to the runway but that the plane was pointing upwards as if taking off. Then I realized we had aborted our landing.

Sometime later, after we were well away from Heathrow and starting to circle back, the First Officer made an announcement. She informed us that that plane was not happy with the landing conditions due to a sudden squall and a severe side wind, so they decided to make another go at it. Fortunately the squall had passed and we landed without event.

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