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Vasona Park in Infrared

Vasona County Park is a favorite for those who live in or near Los Gatos. The Los Gatos Creek trail, which runs through the park, is popular with walkers, runners, and bikers. There is a small lake that attracts egrets, herons, ducks, and Canada geese. Because of all the trees, it is also an ideal spot for infrared photography. I capture many images in the park. This is the footbridge that goes over Los Gatos Creek.

I walked around the lake and captured this view.

On one end of the lake there is a boating facility. It is closed now because they are making improvements to the docking area. As a result, they lowered the level of the lake to allow for construction. From this perspective, it looks like a river. (The lake was created by damming Los Gatos Creek.)

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