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Vino! Vidi, Bibi Going Strong

Journey at Home Day 63

One of the highlights of my week is virtual wine tasting with my friends. Day 8 of my Journey at Home is the first post about this group. Fifty-five days later, we are still going strong. We are a group of people mostly from Santa Clara County, with one of the highest infection rates in Northern California. We are typically joined by someone in El Dorado County, which has a low infection rate. Once in awhile we have a visitor from Washington State and from Maryland.

I love hearing people’s wine choices. Some get regular deliveries from wine clubs. Others are working their way through existing stores. I don’t think anyone has reported a bad wine. All wine seems drinkable. Perhaps under these conditions all wine is drinkable! I’ve gotten a lot of ideas of new wines to explore.

Although most of us are looking forward to relaxing shelter-in-place, we all seem to be ready to stay at home longer to see what happens to to those who start mingling with larger crowds. We have two more weeks for the SIP order in Santa Clara county.

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