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When the Waves are Wild

During the month I spent in Antarctica (January 2023), the seas were fairly calm most of the time. I brought two kinds of seasickness prevention medication, but never took either. The infamous Drake Passage was mildly wavy, at least to me. When the ship was in the Antarctic Peninsula, the waters were fairly protected. The same when the ship travels through pack ice. (Although traveling through pack ice is quite noisy and jarring as the ship runs into the ice!)

Many passengers did feel the effects of waves at times and I empathize with them. But there were only a few days when walking was very difficult and I saw waves crashing as high as the top deck, Deck 7. When the waves are that wild, activities, like lectures, get canceled and there is no hope of getting off the ship via Zodiac. To pass the time, I ventured out on the top deck when it seemed to be safe, and snapped long exposure images using my iPhone. The result, a series of abstracts. Double-click (or double tap) this image to see the slideshow images in their proper aspect ratio. Enjoy!

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