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A Caravan to Gilroy

Fifty percent of the produce in the USA comes from California. Farm workers get paid very little. Yet they put themselves at risk to catch COVID when they bus to the fields and work closely to tend and harvest the crops. In recognition of their work, the San José Woman's Club and the United Lowrider Council of San José organized a 100-car caravan to bring supplies to the workers.

The Lowriders led the pack and the "normal" cars followed. Rather than go directly to the drop-off point (St. Mary's in Gilroy), we took a scenic and circuitous route through the farmlands of Gilroy. I saw fields of corn, tomatoes, peppers, and many UGOs (unidentified green objects). As we cruised the roads, we listened to KKUP play lively Hispanic tunes and some requests from our caravan, including Lowrider by War. Most of us had signs in our car windows to thank the farm workers. What a great day!

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