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A Lion Visits

Journey at Home Day 74

We have two Critter Cams on the property, one to capture visitors to the pond and the other to find out who hangs out in the Tree House eaves. The Tree House gets two visitors, a squirrel and a wood rat. They have remarkably consistent schedules of when each visits. The wood rat just sits there for a few minutes, but we caught the squirrel chewing the wood a few months ago. Glen stopped that by putting wire mesh around the posts. The squirrel still seems to enjoy visiting.

The pond gets many more visitors—birds, squirrels, deer, and turkeys are regulars. Less often, skunks, bobcats, fox, and coyote. Rarely, a mountain lion. May 22, unbeknownst to us, a mountain lion hung out at the pond while we were in the house watching a movie.

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