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A New Discovery: Corn Riblets

I stopped in Napa Valley for lunch before driving home from three days in the Calistoga area. Joe’s Downtown has corn riblets on its menu. (Yes, riblets not niblets.) It looked interesting, so I ordered it. The item was on the BBQ menu and was listed as vegetarian, so I thought that riblets would be the short, stubby corn cobs that are often served in restaurants. To my surprise, a plate of eight “riblets” were placed in front of me.

It appears that the chef cuts the corn cobs vertically into four or six pieces, then places them on the grill. The grilling causes them to curl slightly, taking on the shape of a riblet. Spicy mayo is then drizzled on the corn along with some grated parmesan, and then placed on a bed of arugula. The result is delicious and a new discovery for me. I’ll certainly try this on on my own barbecue.

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