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A Reflection on Clothes

Journey at Home Day 66

After more than two months sheltering at home, my clothes closet is looking fuller than ever. I’m wondering why I need all that I have. There will be no dress-up events this year where I need either a semi-formal or formal. No adventure travel where I need rubber boots, diving skins, rash guards, and water shoes. No need for the arctic jacket, balaclava, or sub-zero gloves. (Photo from Wix.)

My primary outfit for these past two months has been workout pants and a shirt. That’s because I spread my workout throughout the day, so I always need to be dressed for it. When I get supplies I put on a pair of jeans. That way I can tell that I haven’t gained weight, which is something stretchy workout pants can’t detect. When I host a virtual wine tasting, I actually put on a dress. No one sees it. I do it because I think I should dress up once a week.

Retail clothing stores are struggling. I can see how they will continue to do so because people like me are seeing how little we actually need.

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