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A Tale of Two Ships

I recently returned from an 8-day “cruise” in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Spring is one of the best times to visit because there are few visitors and lots of mist and rain to keep everything glistening and green. I surrounded cruise with quotes because unlike a Carnival-style cruise, the goal of my cruise was to get people off the boat as much as possible to hike and kayak. Perhaps that’s why the cruise company I traveled with calls itself Uncruise. For this trip, I traveled on its smallest boat, Safari Quest.

While docking in Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula, I saw Ovation of the Seas. The port is one of the deepest in North America, so the Coast Guard uses it to inspect cruise ships prior to certifying them to travel in US waters. It is a huge ship. It is so big that it could easily run over Safari Quest and not even realize.

Compare the characteristics

Ovation of the Seas

Length: 1,141ft

Beam: 135 ft 2 in (waterline)

Guests: 4,180

Guest to crew ratio: 3.22

Safari Quest

Length: 120 ft

Beam: 28 ft

Guests: 22

Guest to Crew ratio: 2

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