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Adorable, Aberrant, and Righteous

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The 365 Day Project poses the biggest challenges when the word of the day is an adjective. As much as the instructor of The Art Of Seeing class I'm taking says "shoot the adjective, not the noun," I am quite certain his adjectives have more to do with exclamations of delight from the viewer and not the intended subject matter. So I haven't been able to use his advice for capturing notions of adorable, aberrant, and righteous.

People with children and pets would gravitate to taking images of them to convey "adorable." I have neither, so I had to resort to finding a wild animal that looked, to me, to be adorable. These coyotes are adorable!

Aberrant is "departing from an accepted standard." As quirky as some of my friends might be, none display aberrant behavior, or at least it isn't aberrant to my standards. I decided to use this photo that depicts a skeleton-like character in a parade surrounded by more friendly looking beings. I used selective color to make the skeleton stand out a bit more. I'm sure the person playing the part is quite nice, however! I took this image in the Atacama area of Chile.

Righteous, like aberrant, is another adjective that does not describe anyone around me. My friends and family are ethical and morally upright, but none acts morally superior. Plenty of public officials do, however, but I don't have images of them. If you define righteous as virtuous, I assume that most people would agree that the "virgin" Mary fits the definition. This is a statue at the top of one of the hills in Santiago, Chile. It was a gray and cloudy day, so I chose to give this image a more old-time effect.

I hope to see more nouns, and fewer adjectives, in the 365 Day Project. It's easier to find concrete objects that are nouns. But when I capture images of those nouns, I hope to do so in a way that elicits an adjective from the viewer, like "Amazing!"

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