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And So It Begins...Again

One of the things that characterized 2020 was the cancellation of musical performances and events. At first, most of us thought performances would pick up in the summer. When that didn't happen, we all looked to "Welcome Back" concerts to kick off the 2020-2021 performing season. Indeed, the concerts returned though many of the audience members were still a bit reluctant, even with vaccination and masking requirements in place (at least in California and many other states

As Omicron and breakthrough infections are in the news more and more, it seems the cancellations are starting again. My first email of yesterday was from TheatreWorks Silicon Valley who "in an abundance of caution" has rescheduled Hershey Felder's performance as Monsieur Chopin from January until August. Later in the day, San Jose Chamber Orchestra sent news of cancelling their January 2 performance that would have featured pianist Jon Nakamatsu.

We are in a much different situation this year than last in that there is a vaccine, a booster, and vaccination mandates. I am hoping that these January cancellations are in response to the holiday "bump" in Covid infections that were bound to happen because of the number of people who travel and attend large indoor get togethers.

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