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Another Wonderful Afternoon at Schweiger

One of the reasons to join a wine club is the opportunity to pick up shipments in person. I'm lucky that I live close to Napa Valley where the Schweiger Family Vineyards and Winery is located. Glen, I, and 3 of our friends were treated to a tasting of Schweiger's current releases. We had our own tasting table. The only other group consisted of friends of the founder, Fred Schweiger. He and his wife were hosting them.

Our group was hosted by the tasting room manager, Wendy, who after pouring the wine and explaining its history, left us to our own conversation as we sipped the wine and enjoyed the cheese and other treats paired with the wine. Their wine is yummy and I am happy to have been a member for the past 3 years. With corporations gobbling up wineries in the valley, it's important to support the small family wineries and ensure they thrive.

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