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Ausable Chasm

When I was a child in upstate New York, my family went on many camping trips. They were inexpensive and gave us a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. My parents would take us to any attraction in the area of the campground. One year, while at Lake Placid, we made the side trip to Ausable Chasm. In 2019, I went back while vacationing near Lake Placid.

This 2-mile sandstone gorge was formed from Potsdam sandstone from the Cambrian Period. (For details, see We walked along the gorge on one of their hiking trails and also took the boat that I remember taking as a child. As I recall, the on-site information mentioned a flood that took out some of the original cabling that was there when I was a child. Today, the chasm has been updated to include an adventure trail (terrifying swinging bridges), rock climbing, and river rafting.

Today I was looking through my 2019 travel photos and pulled out this one of the chasm, taken from a bridge over the raging waters.

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