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Back to the Track

One of the advantages of staying in the village of Saratoga while the CZU fire complex has me on the run, is that the Saratoga High School track isn't that far. With the school in virtual mode, the track is open to the public.

Back in my marathon training days, the Saratoga High track was one of the places at which I worked out. Although I didn't run any speed laps today, walking around the track brought back fond memories of blood, sweat, pain, and the joy of accomplishing a physical goal.

There were only two other adults at the track, far fewer than when I used to work out there. This, no doubt, is due mostly to COVID and partly to the heat and air quality. I wore a mask, as the two other people didn't. It was a bit warm, but tolerable. I figured that all the sweat building up under the mask was probably a good skin moisturizer!

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