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Castaways on Bigelow Beach

Bigelow Beach is on the southeast side of Guana Island accessible by boat. It is a secluded white sand beach with rolling waves. We arranged for the Guana staff to drop us off with a picnic basket and a cooler of drinks and food. They call the Castaway Picnic Adventure. Along with the victuals, they provide umbrellas, chairs, and a house cell phone guaranteed to work.

When we arrived at the beach, a staff person jumped out of the boat, unloaded everything, and then set up the umbrellas and chairs for us. When they waved goodbye, we sat in the chairs and enjoyed the sound of the ocean. (Image: Glen surveys his beach.)

There was a place to snorkel, but I didn’t like the feel of the undertow so I opted to stay in close and dip in the water once in a while to cool off. We walked the beach, looked at washed up coral, read, ate, had a beer, and generally chilled out. At one point we saw something in the distance that eventually washed up on shore. It was a fake potted plant that we used to decorate our area!

It was a marvelous way to spend the day.

Looking down the beach.

Looking up the beach.

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