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Cutting Bangs

Journey at Home Day 42

When I started with my current hairdresser, Shelby, a number of years ago, she made me promise not to cut my own bangs. She said I could stop in any time and either she or a colleague would cut the bangs at no charge. Apparently she noticed how poorly I cut them in between services. (Image from Snap Guide)

This shelter-in-place has been going on so long that I have already cut my bangs twice and intend to do so again today. Sorry Shelby! I just can't wait. As it is, my eyeglass prescription has needed changing for months, and it looks as if that will have to wait a bit longer for an eye exam. My eye doctor is taking leave through the month of May. I can't have bangs in my eyes and less than 20/20 vision.

I know there are plenty of hair cutting guides on the Internet, but I have never been able to do a great job. One problem is that I don't own a proper hair cutting scissors. I think my Zoom buddies will forgive my look, as some of them have resorted to cutting their own hair as well. Those without hair are the lucky ones!

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