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Domestic Diversions

I am a traveler. After 16 trips last year and 2 earlier this year, it was difficult to have my travel life come to a screeching halt. I've accomplished a lot since I've been sequestered and am enjoying my time but every once in awhile my inner traveler takes over and I find myself assessing risk for going someplace remote, like Death Valley or Roche Harbor. But my ideas aren't practical. So today I tamped down my inner traveler by immersing myself in domesticity.

First off, I set up my newly acquired steam distiller and made a half liter of lavender hydrosol. If you look it up on the Internet, you'll find all sorts of claims for what it can to, from healing skin to repelling insects to acting as a sedative. I like it because I can sprtiz it around for a light scent of lavender. Making hydrosol gives me something to do with all the lavender I have growing.

The steam distiller is a fairly inexpensive setup. If I were clever, I could have made it myself. It was far easier to order it from Amazon--teapot, chamber for lavender and a condenser. I plan to make more, but the condenser requires ice for cooling the steam. I ran out.

During my last shopping trip, I bought a bag of limes because they were far cheaper than buying just a few limes. My next domestic diversion was to make lemon meringue pie. As is my custom, I eliminate the crust (too caloric) and I substitute lime for lemon. What results are bowls of lime pudding topped with meringue.

The inner traveler was resisting being silenced, so I went on to make cold cucumber soup with two cucumbers that I actually grew. That made a fine lunch. Then I picked several cups of basil leaves and whipped up some pesto for dinner. Finally I made lavender sachets with some of the lavender I dried this past week.

After all that, I am too tired to think of travel.

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