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Dorest Glacier and More Bears

The Northwest Passage Day 9

“Believe me my young friends, there is nothing absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as messing around in boats.” From Wind in the Willows

This morning we took a Zodiac tour of Dorset Glacier. The ice was amazing! The kayak program also started. Kayaking was an add-on charge. The requirement  was the abilty to roll a kayak, so I opted not to do it.

After lunch we were scheduled to land in Dundas Harbor, but the scouting party found too many polar bears roaming aournd, so it was canceled. Instead we had a Zodiac tour to view wildlife. We saw bears in the distance, seals, and lots of birds.

Polar Bear Feasting on a Beluga Whale

A Group of Curious Seals

Northern Fulmar on a Mission

Another Great Day

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