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The Beauty in Chaos: Embracing Randomness in Music Can Lead to a More Expressive and Unique Sound

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Since the beginning of October I've been writing music using Sptitfire audio modules. (See At Sea: Composing Music While Sailing to Tokyo). This month I purchased the Serendipity modules which provide randomness not in notes, but in orchestration. More recently I attended an ASMAC online holiday event where they talked about film scores and mentioned that many well know composers embraced the octatonic scale for scores. It's a scale that's been used by composers since at least the 7th century CE. You are probably most familiar with Tchaikovsky's use in The Nutcracker.

I decided to noodle around with the octatonic scale and create a piece that is an homage to The Nutcracker. I call it Acorn Whacker. The art was created by Leonardo AI with prompts by me. Have a listen!

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