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From the Loneliest Highway to the Most Populous State

Great Basin National Park sits on the eastern side of Nevada. To get to Califonia from there requires driving route 50, which is called the “Loneliest Highway.” I assumed that loneliest also meant desolate, but I was wrong.

If I could paint, this is what the highway would look like.

The drive was quite beautiful and traversed many green mountains and wide valleys with the occasional small town. But it was long—over 400 miles to get to Lake Tahoe.

A sunbow through the sun roof.

After almost three weeks on the road, it was wonderful to pull up to the Resort at Squaw Creek and check into place with a comfortable king-sized bed and a fabulous view of the mountains.

Looking from the lobby across to the ski area.

The resort is just a 10-minute walk through the woods to Olympic Valley, the site of the 1960 winter Olympics. I was surprised at the small size of Olympic Valley. The Olympics are such a huge commercial operation these days that Olympic Valley would not be able to handle the crowds. I found out that is is the smallest resort area to have hosted a winter Olympics.

Hydroponics at the resort.

We didn’t do much here except to chill-ax, eat, and enjoy the view. It was the perfect place to decompress from an active road trip. On our first night there was a spectacular sunset.

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