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Go For the Adjective, Not the Noun

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Week 2 of The Art of Seeing with Bryan Peterson focuses on capturing images that evoke an adjective from the viewer rather than a noun. A "noun" picture , for example, would be one of a car. Such as "Nice Ford Model T" or "Great shot of a Tesla." If instead of focusing on the car itself, the photographer went it close to focus on a part of the car or a reflection in the car exterior, then the view would not remark on the car. Ideally the viewer would exclaim "Wow" or "Interesting" or something else that gets them thinking. So here is my first "adjective" image. I call is "Who Laid This Egg?"

But the answer is quite straightforward. The "egg" is due to John Deere. This is the gearshift for our tractor, taken closeup, using a wide angle lens. The tractor was sitting in the field in the early morning light. Rather than capturing an image of the tractor as a whole, I focused in on one part that looked interesting.

The other part of this week's lesson is to find patterns and to explore ways to combine pattern with color. The next image is on that explores those ideas.

What is it? The pattern in the front is a rain gutter cover—a device that prevents leaves from clogging up the gutter. I unrolled it to make it flat. Behind it is a blanket that I purchased in Mexico several years ago.

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