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Handwriting: A Lost Art

Journey at Home Day 51

Great handwriting is an art that I never mastered. It is the only subject in grade school in which I did poorly. Part of my lack of skill had to do with the fact I was a left-handed writer forced into using my right hand. I used to hold the pen in my right hand, but slanted it in such a manner as to get a backhand result. I held the pen with my thumb and middle finger, keeping the index finger pointed straight up. Eventually my teachers had their way and I held the pen properly, but I never mastered the beautiful writing part.

Over the past 20 years I haven't had much need for hand writing. I use a computer and can type fairly fast. So when I was asked to help out a local arts organization by hand writing thank you notes to donors, I agreed but inwardly shuttered at the thought. I had to resurrect my ability to write and I had to make sure my writing was legible. I practiced a few times before I tackled that actual notes. I managed to write two notes in a row before needing a break to relax my hand and ward off a cramp. I wrote two notes, took an outdoor walk for 10 minutes, wrote two more, walked for 10 minutes, and so on, until I completed my assignment. It's done!

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